Roet Shares New Single ‘Cheers’

Roet, the project of California-based Electronic R&B/Pop writer and producer Zach Alwin, has just shared his brand new single Cheers.

I am a fan of Roet's smooth, warm vocals and how they beautifully draw the listener's attention to his heartfelt storytelling. Cheers is a captivating indie-pop/bedroom-pop piece of music written while dealing with his own feelings about his wife's cancer treatment. The plethora of feelings he had must have been quite stressful and not good to his mental health, but I like his approach in this song and how it shines a light on cherishing the good times one has with the ones they love. Life is short and we should really take the most out of it before it's too late. 

Cheers is wrapped around an infectious production with luscious electronics and emotive piano chords backing his gorgeous vocal delivery. Check it out below!