Retro Video Club Share New Single ‘Checkmate’

Following a 2 year hiatus, Edinburgh 4-piece Retro Video Club make an explosive return with their brand new single Checkmate.

I am really enjoying Liam Allison's confident, attitude-packed vocal delivery which instantly drew my attention to their storytelling. Checkmate is a song that focusses on reflection at a time when we’re all considering what’s in the future. It's sort of a wake up call to grow up and face real life but you still want a last hurrah. This message is wrapped around a high-energy indie-rock production that got me all hyped up to want to do something meaningful with my life. I am particularly fond of the soaring guitars which are effortlessly intertwined with punchy percussion and how the song's anthemic chorus makes it perfect to sing along to! Quite an exciting and blissful listening experience that will get you energised in no time. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, lead singer Liam Allison said,

Checkmate is a song about reflecting on your high school days & how the passing of time changes everything. It’s facing reality, realising you need to start growing up because life is starting to get serious. It’s ultimately life putting you in Checkmate, but you refusing to accept the game is over.

Retro Video Club are: 

Liam Allison – Lead Vocal & Rhythm Guitar 

Sam McGill – Lead Guitar 

Michael Ward – Bass Guitar 

Kieran Burt – Drums