PAPER FACE Share New Single ‘OLT (Paper Mix)’

Electro-pop duo PAPER FACE, consisting of German artists Aden Jaron and Daniel Grunenberg, have just shared their new single OLT (PAPER MIX), a high-energy piece of electro-pop music.

This is a new mix to their 2020 single OLT (Only Love Together) which captures the euphoric atmosphere of modern dan club culture, something that has been missing since the pandemic started and I think they've perfectly captured the blissful rush of adrenaline in this song. I am loving those lush vocals and how passionate the delivery is, instantly drawing the listener's attention to their storytelling. The song is beautifully produced with soaring percussion and synths that remind me a bit of the future bass sound of the Chainsmokers. I am also enjoying the emotive piano chords that nicely enhance the emotion pouring from those gorgeous vocals. This new mix makes OLT one of those high-energy EDM songs that get everybody in a good mood and singing along to it while dancing. It has really given me an extra dose of energy and wishing I was out in a festival listening to it live. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, PAPER FACE said,

With 'Only Love Together', we tried to capture the feeling and energy of modern day club culture in a time where every club on planet earth is closed. We wanted to relive that feeling and create the picture of everybody dancing together, just being happy - at a party in the back of our minds. That‘s really all there is to it.