Monmoi Shares New Single ‘settle down (with you)’

Monmoi, the brain-child of London based lo-fi pop singer-songwriter George David, has just shared his brand new single settled down (with you), the first track of his two-track EP Settle Down, Gretchen, out now.

I am really enjoying his smooth vocals which beautifully convey the emotion of his storytelling and soar effortlessly over the warm production. Recorded, mixed and mastered in his makeshift home studio in Paddington, London, settle down (with you) is a song about a couple that slowly realises that maybe they're not right for one another as one is a party guy and the other wanting to gro up  from that scene.
This message is wrapped around a captivating production packed with cool guitars, steady percussion, a memorable horn section and trombone solo that just makes it stand out even more. Check it out below!