Leonail, Abel Romez and Blaikz Share New Single ‘Somebody New’ ft. Séb Mont

Time to dance! German producers Leonail, Abel Romez and Blaikz have teamed up to deliver a highly infectious dance song titled Somebody New.

For this song the three producers enlisted the help of Australian singer and songwriter Séb Mont whose mesmerising vocals instantly infuse the song with a touch of heart and emotion. I am loving Séb's vocals and how they flow beautifully over the synth-driven house production that will get you dancing in no time. Somebody New tells a story of a man that is unable to move on after his relationship ended, giving the song a melancholic touch that is beautifully paired with an upbeat electronic production. The chorus is perfect to sing along to and all I want to do is to get up and dance! If you're into energetic pieces of Future/Slap House music with lush synths, killer percussion, emotive vocals and an overall anthemic chorus, then you'll love Somebody New. Check it out below!