Kitty Montague Shares New Single ‘Kiss Chase’

London-based singer and songwriter Kitty Montague has just shared her brand new single Kiss Chase, a fun, flirtatious pop song that sees Kitty Montague challenge the societal shame around women and their sexuality.

I am really enjoying her soulful, magnetic vocals and how they instantly command the listener's attention to her empowering storytelling. Disregarding the modest expectations of a woman, Kitty owns exactly what she wants: your kiss! This message is wrapped around an upbeat pop production that blends punchy piano with a cool beat and infectious hooks. I am really enjoying how the song is perfect to sing along to and to get one you a good mood in no time. Check it out below!


Talking about the track Kitty said,

Growing up I found it hard to navigate the double standards and judgement that women face around sex and what we do, or don't do, with our bodies. This is the liberating, self-assured song I could have done with then, and still need reminding of now!