KiD RAiN Shares New Single ‘123’

KiD RAiN, the project of UK based singer, songwriter and producer Dan Reynard, has just shared his brand new single 123, his first new offering following his vibrant debut EP, Bored Of Love, out now!

I am a fan of his distinctive vocals and how they instantly make his songs memorable and 123 is no exception. KiD RAiN's vocals flow effortlessly over the playful melodies packed wirh groovy guitar riffs and catchy percussion that create quite a fun, feel-good atmosphere making it perfect for a chill day at home or out and about. Check it out  below!



Speaking about the song, KiD RAiN said,

 If someone asked me to sum up KiD RAiN, I would just show them this song. It captures everything I want to be as an artist in 3 minutes. Fun, energetic, not taking myself too seriously. This isn’t a song for the ‘cool kids’, it’s a song for everyone else.