KEVV Shares New Single ‘Don’t Slow Down’

Toronto’s emerging R&B artist, Kevv, has just shared his brand new single Don't Slow Down, a downtempo yet fierce late-night number.

I am really enjoying his smooth, sultry vocal delivery and how it infuses the song with a touch of emotion and sensuality. Don't Slow Down is a Soul-infused RnB gem packed with smooth, sexy downtempo beats that create a smokey, late-night atmosphere that I find quite captivating. This is a song about believing in ourselves, not allowing the obstacles that life throws at us to stop us from pushing foward. This is quite a captivating piece of music with atmospheric melodies, warm vocals and an overall chill atmosphere perfect for bedroom sessions. Check it out below!



Talking about the track KEVV explains,

No matter where you are in life keep looking forward and believe in yourself. "Don't Slow Down" is a reminder to stay hungry and motivated.