Garren & ISA Share New Single ‘Too Late to Love’

Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Garren has teamep up with Swedish singer and songwriter ISA to deliver an infectious piece of pop music titled Too Late to Love.

This cross Atlantic-produced love song captures the universal feeling triggered by a break up, and the realisation that you can’t go back in time to regain what you’ve lost. I am really enjoying Garren's passionate vocal delivery and how it fits beautifully with ISA's vocals, soaring effortlessly over the upbeat pop melodies. I am really enjoying the cool guitar riffs and how catchy the chorus is, making this a great song to sing along to. Have a listen to this R&B-infused piece of pop music below!


Speaking about the collaboration, Garren said,

This process has been pretty easy and straightforward because me and Isa are really close and have a great relationship to be able to understand what’s needed. Years of building chemistry in music.

ISA added,

It’s an honor to create music with Garren. He’s one of the most talented and inspiring people I know, and he’s definitely a role model for me. And I really, really love the song, of course.