Ena Fay Shares New Single ‘Because I Care’

Alt folk/ballad, half Irish, half German singer- songwriter Ena Fay has just shared her brand new single Because I Care, her first single of the year which is accompanied by a live music video.

I am really enjoying Ena Fay's enchanting vocals and how they effortlessly convey the emotion of her beautifully-written storytelling. Taken from her upcoming EP, I Can Feel It, Too, Because I Care is a relatable song that details the highs and lows of loving someone. This message is wrapped around a polished production packed with slightly orchestral sounding drums, mounting piano chords, yearnsome violins and lightly plucked cello strings. I am very fond of the way that the live band backs her beautiful vocals and creates quite a warm and intimate atmosphere for her tender, love inducing ballad to soar.

The accompanying live music video, shot at London's Arcola Theatre, beautifully captures the emotions of her vocal delivery and storytelling and if you're into live bands with rich, orchestral instrumentation, then you'll love this one. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Ena Fay said,

I wrote 'Because I Care' about two and a half years ago for vocals and piano. Extending this song to what it is now was a wonderful experience - I worked closely with James Cox who wrote the string quartet parts and Phil Kimber who added the slightly orchestral sounding drums. The song's meaning? It is about the pains and the beauty of caring for someone.