Caroline Duke Unveils New Single ‘Once We Were Young’

Swedish electro-pop singer and songwriter Caroline Duke has just shared her brand new single Once We Were Young, a mid-tempo electro-pop song.

I am really enjoying her distinctive vocals and how they float beautifully atop the infectious production. Once We Were Young is a nostalgia-laden piece of music about looking back at how carefree one's childhood was, missing that feeling of innocence and invencibility. This is a very relatable song and I do miss those days when things were much more simple. Being a grown up isn't as great as I thought it would be. This message is wrapped around a polished pop production packed with a driving beat, cool guitars and a memorable chorus. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Caroline said,

"Once We Were Young" is a very personal song to me. I wrote it a couple of years ago when I was feeling nostalgic. I was thinking back on my childhood when things seemed so carefree. I miss the feeling I used to have as a kid like there was nothing I couldn't do. As a grown up it's so much easier to doubt oneself. But first and foremost the song is written with a lot of love. I hope you get the same feeling too.