Anna Mae Kelly Shares New Single ‘White Lies’

British singer and songwriter Anna Mae Kelly has just shared her brand new single White Lies, a poweful pop ballad out now via AMK.

I am a fan of Anna's luscious, powerful vocals and how they effortlessly convey the emotion of her heartfelt storytelling. Her fifth single  to date, White Lies is a heartbreak song and how, despite the person not being right for you, you can't stop wondering about what could have been if you'd fixed the broken relationship. This relatable and powerful message is wrapped around a polished pop production with emotive piano chords, intricate guitar melodies and lush strings soaring over a mesmerising, cinematic soundscape. I am loving how passionate her vocal delivery is, pouring with raw emotion and how it shows both a vulnerable and powerful side of her heart and storytelling. Have a listen to this gem below!


Speaking about this song, Anna Mae Kelly said,
I spent a long-time writing music from other people’s experiences. For the first time last year I experienced my first real heartbreak, and it was the worst pain I had experienced so far. I hit my first real low point. White lies is the first song I’ve written wrapped in deep feelings. The song is about being with someone who is bad for you. Someone you really wished you had never met, yet you cannot stop thinking about what could have been if you could have fixed the broken relationship.
I may not have been around love for a long time, but I do know how it feels to be hurt and made to believe the problems in the relationship were your fault. To feel as if the reason you are left broken and burnt is nobody else’s problem but your own. I really do hope people hear and feel the lyrics the same way I did writing them.