Taylor Roche Shares New Single ‘why can’t we?’

New Zealand singer and songwriter Taylor Roche has just shared his brand new single why can't we?, a lovely pop song.

why can't we? is a song about being afraid to tell someone you've been seeing how you truly feel, because you're afraid they won't reciprocate the same feeling. It's quite a relatable song that shines a light on the anxieties we feel when we let our guard down and that comes just in time for Valentine's Day. I am really fond of his smooth, dulcet vocals which infuse the song with a vulnerable touch and are packed with raw emotion, effortlessly connecting the listener to his storytelling. His lovely vocals are backed by a catchy pop production with infectious melodies and a chorus perfect to sing along to. Quite a great song for the radios and relaxing days at home. Check it out below!