Tara Kelly Shares New Single ‘The River’

American singer and songwriter Tara Kelly has just shared her brand new single The River, a Female empowerment song about a break-up.

I am really enjoying this blend of Americana, Folk and Country music that make the song instantly memorable. Tara Kelly's fierce vocals effortlessly convey the emotion of her storytelling which is wrapped around an infectious production.  This Americana/Folk-tinged Country crossover is a stomp and holler break-up anthem with an energetic melodic structure bound to also catch any pop listener's ear. I am particularly fond of the driving acoustic guitar line and how it is beautiflly intertwined with pedal steel licks, a cinematic violin, and full harmonies - all underpinned by the soft sounds of a storm rolling through, parallel to her southern gothic storytelling. Check it out below!



Tara is set to premiere the official music video for this song on March 5th and you can check out its teaser below!