STF Shares New Single ‘September Skies’

STF, the moniker of American singer and songwriter Stefan Poole, has just shared his brand new single September Skies, a smooth Country-tinged pop song about love and regret.

I am really enjoying the tone of STF's vocals which are packed with raw, honest emotion and infuse the song with a warm touch. September Skies is a reflective song about a past relationship and STF flawlessly conveys genuine emotions of regret over a warm and intimate production with intricate guitar riffs beautifully intertwined with emotive piano chords. Such a lovely song that is accompanied by an official music video, directed by AxiA, Dany G, SACHA, which perfectly embodies the song's atmosphere. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, STF said,

September Skies is about love, regret and being stuck in the past, specifically due to my last relationship falling apart because of prolonged distance .