Sofi Gev Shares New Single ‘Bloom’

Sofi Gev, the solo project of American singer-songwriter and indie pop artist Hannah Lovelady, has just shared her brand new single Bloom, a smooth indie/lo-fi pop song.

I am really enjoying her smooth, expressive vocals and how they soar over the chilled out indie-pop production. Bloom is a relatable song about feeling lost and hopeless in life, feeling embarrassed that you haven't done much with your life. It sounds like this song was made for me as I do feel like that pretty much every day. I also like the way that Sofi shows that we deserve a second chance to thrive, finding our inner courage to believe in that.

This song is wrapped around a smooth and soothing production packed with cool guitar riffs, steady percussion and bright synths that create a laid-back atmosphere that makes Bloom perfect for an introspective day home alone. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Sofi Gev said,

Bloom grew out of feeling foggy, unfocused and depressed. I felt a sense of shame that I wasn’t doing enough with my life and that bad habits were holding me back. If I didn't make a change and harness some self-control and aim at something worthwhile, I would resign myself to a bleak future. People who loved me had confidence that I could do it, but they weren't in the fog. They didn't feel the hopelessness I felt, mired in my own shortcomings. Bloom is about looking inward and giving myself permission for a second chance, imagining a fresh start where I could find the inner courage to believe that not only could I thrive but that I deserved to.