Skylet Gunner Shares ‘Confessions Of A Murdered Heart’ Music Video

Los Angeles-based Dark-pop singer and songwriter Skylet Gunner has just shared the official music video for her debut single Confessions Of A Murdered Heart.

I am loving Skylet Gunner's smooth and seductive vocal delivery which infuses the song with a dreamy and mysterious touch that I find quite captivating. Confessions Of A Murdered Heart tells a story from the perspective of a strong woman who chooses to make bad decisions, leaving her feeling void. There's always that one person who you can't help yourself from wanting despite a tired history of tribulations. You feel dead inside but you keep going, dragging your heart along with you.

This gorgeous song is now accompanied by a seductive and cinematic music video, directed by Bethany Gould and shot by Genevieve Adams, which you can check out below!


Gunner wrote Confessions Of A Murdered Heart in a NYC pizza shop while reminiscing on her lonesome nights binging on Netflix and ice cream after being utterly crushed by a breakup with someone she knew was bad for her in the first place. Gunner’s songwriting style comes from a strong female perspective, drawing inspiration from the moody beach guitar in Nancy Sinatra's "Bang Bang", the sadness and beauty you feel from The xx, and Bridgette Bardot's sentiment: "Women do what they want".