SARAS Shares New Single ‘Whiplash’

Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter SARAS has just shared her brand new single Whiplash, an infectious pop song that explores the difficulties and setbacks of romantic relationships. 

I am really enjoying the tone of SARAS vocals which instantly drew me to the song and her relatable storytelling of heartbreat. SARAS' lush vocals are wrapped around an infectious bubblegum pop production packed with vibrant synth patterns and bursts of electronica that create a cool, feel-good atmosphere.

Accompanying the release, SARAS has shared its official music video, directed by Conner Sorensen, which runs like a home movie, documenting her heartbreak and uncertainty as she navigates her way through the arid landscape. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, SARAS said,

‘Whiplash’ is about the confusion of wanting someone who doesn’t know what they want and the pain of trying to cope with their changing mind and drastic mood changes. This song is about something really specific in my life but it's also really relatable because often when the ground underneath our feet falls away, we’re all just expected to keep on walking. How? I wrote this song two years ago with a friend after a really tough breakup. It was a long night but it taught me a lot about how love should, and shouldn’t, feel.