Rozie Shares New Single ‘Dolce Vita’

Canadian singer and songwriter Rozie has just shared her brand new single Dolce Vita, a sun-soaked, upbeat piece of R&B-tinged electro-pop, out now via Sidekick Music.

I am a fan of her smooth, soulful vocals and how they glide beautifully over the infectious production. Dolce Vita is one of those feel-good pieces of music that instantly get me in a good mood and wanting to get up and dance. Rozie's lush vocals soar over pristine melodies packed with glittering synths that are effortlessly intertwined with warm bassline. I am also enjoying the warmth of the song that makes me think of those long, summer days by the beach. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Rozie said,

When I wrote this song, I was frequently visiting Hawaii a lot. I was inspired by the overall vibe of the place and how the sunshine and the warm breeze makes you feel. When you are laying with your lover in the sand, no care in the world, sharing kisses and Merlot. When you are on vacation and you’re like ‘yeah I could grow old here with you’. That's the kind of feeling I had. And I needed to create the sound to how I felt, so that everyone else could escape to that place and that feeling, when listening.

 This track in particular, we made samples of people chatting on the beach. You know, the sound of laughter and happiness. The ocean swelling, and the sun wrapping us up in a hug. Nothing better. Dolce Vita means ‘a life of heedless pleasure and luxury’ in Italian. The sweetest life. And in the midst of a pandemic, who doesn’t want to escape to dolce vita by closing their eyes and listening to a song!