Rafaèlla Shares New Single ‘Big World’ ft. MiM!

London-based, Cypriot singer and songwriter Rafaèlla once again teams up with long-time collaborator, producer-writer MiM!, to deliver a sweet new single titled Big World.

I am really enjoying her sweet vocals and how they convey a touch of vulnerability and innocence that is quite captivating and enhances the message of her storytelling. Big World is a song about feeling lost in a big city and finding out that there is so much out there to discover. This lovely duet is wrapped around a folk-tinged pop production packed with intricate guitars intertwined with punchy percussion, creating the perfect atmosphere for her vocals and storytelling to soar. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Rafaèlla said,

I wrote 'Big World' when I first moved to London. Coming from an island, London seemed like a whole new world to me. Everything was huge and fast. I had to get used to the trains and the big crowds. It’s a song about feeling lost in this big big city and the realization of how much there’s still out there to discover."