Noise Cans & Romario Share New Single ‘Last Night’ ft. Kaelyn Kastle

Mysterious Bermudian producer Noise Cans has teamed up with Jamaican Producer/DJ Romario to deliver an upbeat dance track titled Last Night.

For this song the duo enlisted Bermudan, Atlanta-based pop singer and songwriter Kaelyn Kastle, whose lush, sultry vocals bring the song to a whole different level. I really like the way Kaelyn's gorgeous vocals infuse the song with a touch of emotion and how they are nicely backed by an infectious electronic production packed with lush piano chords and punchy percussion that create an euphoric atmosphere perfect for festival season (if we have it this year). Check it out below!

Speaking about the collaboration, Noise Cans said,

The process was pretty easy. Romario sent me an idea that I liked, I added my elements to it and was like Kaelyn would be dope on this, we sent it to her. The rest was history. Imagine the feeling it’s the last song of the night, at your favorite festival with your best friends in the world.

Building on the sentiment Noise Cans shared, Romario added,

This song is relatable to everyone as we've all had this moment Kaelyn describes in the lyrics, you’re at a show or anywhere were you’ve seen a fleeting love interest spark a flame whatever and then they are gone. Anxious Butterflies…

Touching base on how the collaboration was brought to life, Kaelyn shared, 

Collaborating was exciting despite the gap in physical presence. It was actually fun trying to work in a new space, being that we really were able to communicate mostly through the internet. My favorite part was the new connection. It was great to create and explore new styles of music with producers and artists that you've always admired but have never worked with before.