Nina June Shares New Single ‘Rainbow Ashes’

Amsterdam-based singer and songwriter Nina June has just shared her brand new single Rainbow Ashes, the first single to be lifted from her upcoming EP.

I am loving the way her lush vocals flow beautifully over the captivating production, effortlessly conveying the emotion of her storytelling over multi-dimensional soundscapes steeped in strings, keys, guitar, and natural sound effects. 

I am particularly fond of the emotive piano chords and how they are intertwined with a swell of string that were arranged by celebrated composer, writer, producer and arranger Sally Herbert (Radiohead, Björk, London Grammar, Rex Orange County). This flawless production allows to enhance the emotion pouring from her vocals and creates quite an orchestral and cinematic atmosphere that got me hooked from the very first listen. 

Accompanying the release is a gorgeous music video which was directed by Rui Reis Maia and beautifully matches the song's songwriting and emotion. The music video was filmed at an 18th-century land house, which looks amazing from the outside but is pretty worn out on the inside. This place served as a personification of the music's themes and a source of constant inspiration as the site of the project's photo and video shoots. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song and video, Nina June said,

It became a metaphor for the state we're in at the moment with us not taking care of our residence properly," she elaborates. "On a personal level, it's what happens when you don't take care of yourself, and you fill your life with stuff that's making you ill in the long run. I tried to create a shell of outside beauty but let the hurt and grief that slumbers on the inside shine through. You're waiting eternally for someone you love so deeply to come back," Nina further explains. "It's the pain of seeing something beautiful vanish in front of your eyes. A love that lasted for a long time and then somehow got broken. You ultimately blame yourself; you didn't make it right forever. It's the hard school of life: to learn that not everything is made for eternity.