Nano Talrose Shares New Single ‘Talk You Down’

Canadian singer and songwriter Nano Talrose has just shared his brand new single Talk You Down, a cool indie-pop song about the way we should treat our significant others when they have anxiety.

As someone that struggles with anxiety on a daily basis, I've got to say that Nano Talrose perfectly captures what we should do when our significant other is going through it. You have to be willing to show how much you love them, support them, don't get defensive, upset and cause arguments.  

This message is wrapped around a catchy indie-pop production with lovely guitar riffs and infectious melodies that back his powerful, soulful vocal delivery. Check it out below!


 Speaking about the song, Nano Talrose said,

This song is about dealing with anxiety and insecurities while in a relationship. If your person is suffering with anxiety and worries about losing you, don't take it personal or get upset with them. It is possible that this fear of losing someone is embedded in their mind due to past experiences of losing a loved one. No matter what, just reassure them, make them feel loved and talk them down.