Mondingo Shares New Single ‘Starlight’

Mondingo, the project of Belgian-based multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter Domien Cnockaert, has just shared his brand new single Starlight, a mesmerising electronic dance record.

I am really enjoying the vocal delivery and how it infuses the song with a cool dose of emotion that soars over the upbeat production. Starlight is a relatable song about self-reflection and is wrapped around a blend of dance-floor aimed patterns and unique ethnic rhythmic elements that create the perfect atmosphere for his melancholic voice and songwriting skills to soar. I am really enjoying the danceable beat and how it makes me want to close my eyes and surrender to its hypnotic beat. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Mondingo said,

To me, Starlight is about self-reflection. Searching and finding. Standing still, analyzing, realizing and evolving. Accepting and letting go of things, characteristics and feelings.