Lone Laveer Share New Single ‘Comfortable’

Lone Lavee, the lovechild of singer-songwriter Ed Gibson, and songwriting and production duo Chill Murray, have just shared their brand new single Comfortable, a warm and refreshing piece of pop music.

I am particularly fond of Ed Gibson's lush vocals and how they infuse the song with a touch of vulnerability and emotion that makes the song stand out even more. Comfortable is a song that asks the listener to focus on the little, wonderful things about relationships, showing that real love needs hard work and dedication. It's the raw and relatable storytelling that makes this song even more appealing with its stellar production sealing the deal for me. Ed Gibson's lovely vocals are wrapped around an infectious pop production packed with intricate acoustic guitar riffs beautifully intertwined with emotive piano chords and stadium-like drums that give it somewhat of an anthemic touch. Check out this gem below!



Speaking about the song, Ed said,

I wanted this single to be the other side of the same coin, musically and thematically, from the first. I think Comfortable is about accepting yourself, as well as a partner, for who they are, both their attractive qualities and their defects.

Songwriter Luke added,

I try to veer away from those hyperbolic pop songs these days. When I hear artists singing about loving someone their whole life, it’s clearly just blatant dishonesty. I know that makes me sound like an old man yelling at a cloud, but I think the honesty of our music is what connects with people.