Landon Cube Shares New Single ‘Down & Out’ ft. SypSki & lil rxspy

Maryland-based rapper, singer, songwriter and producer Landon Cube has just shared his brand new single Down & Out, an upbeat piece indie/electro-pop music, out now via SunPop Music.

For this song Landon Cube teamed up with Chicago-native SypSki and Pittsburgh-based lil rxspy who together create quite a memorable piece of music. I am really enjoying their smooth vocals flowing over the infectious melodies packed with intricate guitar riffs throughout the song which are nicely intertwined with a punchy percussion. Down & Out has a cool mix between rock, pop and hip-hop elements with smooth vocals and a captivating sun-soaked atmosphere which contrasts with the lyrics but makes the song perfect for those long drives out in the sun. Check it out below!