Lady Dan Shares New Single ‘I Am the Prophet’

Texas-based singer and songwriter Lady Dan has just shared her brand new single I Am the Prophet, a mesmerising piece of indie/lo-fi pop music about modern dating.

I am really enjoying her gorgeous vocals and how they instantly command the listener's attention to her stunning and effortless storytelling. There's something quite poetic in this song and the production just makes her vocals and storytelling to soar. I am particularly fond of those lush strings and heavy bass that create a dramatic and mysterious atmosphere to the song. I Am the Prophet is a beautifully written piece of music with lush vocals and a heavy bass, sounding perfect for a brooding night drive or for those introspective days home alone. Check it out below! 


In the words of Lady Dan,

I Am the Prophet was born of the resentment that comes with the modern dating era: a month getting to know someone, letting them know you, and the other party backing out once things are meant to progress. So you stay on this constant loop, like a rodent running on a wheel, doomed to repeat the cycle until you’re so tired you just give up completely. Then, throw some sacrilege in for a little flavor.