Kudo Blue Share New Single ‘Fire’

Brighton based quartet Kudu Blue have just unveiled their scintillating new single Fire and I am loving it!

Fire is a vibrant, hook-laden song about being independent and learning to recognize the strength within yourself. The production of this song is flawless and is inspired by the lo-fi, bassy underground sound of Burial and the end result is a highly hypnotic piece of electronic music. I am also really enjoying Clem's lush vocals soaring effortlessly over the infectious melodies. The song gives me late night vibes in a crowded city, trying to find my way back home. Quite a great song to play while driving at night or chilling at home. If you're into Light Drum & Bass music with lush vocals, groovy bass and lush melodies, then you'll love Fire. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, the group said,

I feel like it’s important to acknowledge that you are responsible for your own feelings and actions. We all have the power to decide how we want to feel each day and how we choose to spend our time.

Made up of Clem (vocals), Owen (keys), Tom (bass), and Creeda (rhythms), Kudu Blue gives you a refreshing snapshot of contemporary music in the UK, a back-to-basics postcard from the underground club scene. Their distinctly fresh sound brings on a new wave of progressive modern dance-pop, encompassing influence from across both time and space. From 90’s trip-hop & sound system culture, all the way through to Buddhist chanting, and back around to old skool hip-hop & R&B.