Kiri T Shares New Single ‘10,000ft.’

Hong Kong-based singer, songwriter and record producer Kiri T has just shared her brand new single 10,000ft., the lead single to be taken from her sophomore album, Chili T, out now.

Written by George Morgan, Lux Pyramid and Kiri T, 10,000ft. is a confessional song on which Kiri expresses the deep gratitude she has for her loved ones and how sometimes she feels undeserving and hard to love due to her quirks and flawed personality. This is quite a relatable song and I really love how Kiri beautifully conveys these feelings through her stunnning vocal delivery and dreamy harmonies. Apart from her effortless vocal delivery, what I like the most about the song is its smooth and warm production that creates the perfect space for her bittwersweet lyrics and lush vocals to soar. The song has also a cool laid-back atmosphere that makes it perfect for a relaxing day home alone. Check it out below!