JUICYPEAR Share New Single ‘Keep Your Love On’

Socal husband-and-wife duo JUICYPEAR, consisting of Jacob and Jasmine Mayeda, have just shared their brand new single Keep Your Love On, a song about the importance of communication within a relationship as a way to nurture and grow your love for one another.

This message is wrapped around a sun-soaked electro-pop production with lush, bright synths, shimmering guitars and groovy percussion. I am loving that guitar solo! I am really fond of Jasmine's smooth vocals and how they soar effortlessly over the infectious production, infusing the song with a dreamy touch while making it perfect to sing along to. This is one of those songs perfect for some chill, laid-back days at home or out and about during a warm, sunny day. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, JUICYPEAR said,

Being married is not always an easy task. You may have to stretch in ways you never thought you would and talk about emotions you never thought you had. But throughout the process of being in this relationship with each other you start to see your love growing for one another as you “use your words” to communicate and grow together. Keeping your love on for one another as you give each other space to grow and learn and be.