Joshua Benjamin Shares New Single ‘Here’s To You’

British singer-songwriter, instrumentalist and performer Joshua Benjamin has just shared his brand new single Here’s To You, a smouldering R&B cut.

Here's To You is a down-tempo piece of music on which Joshua flawlessly showcases his songwriting skills and amazing vocals. I am particularly fond of his magnetic vocals that convey both sensuality and sensitivity, flowing beautifully over an atmospheric, electronic-textured soundscape that instantly elevates the listener’s spirit and opens the door to new possibilities.   I am also very fond of the song's laid-back touch that makes it perfect for a relaxing day at home. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Joshua Benjamin said,

This song speaks to all of the times I was left in the dark, and for those who are still left in the dark, he reveals. I went through this in a relationship, in terms of communication and emotionally. Sometimes, when there’s a breakdown in connection between two people, I feel that it allows space for darkness and negativity to enter. This track feels like an ode to these times and a release of its hold on me, knowing that it’s been something I’ve learnt from and something that has allowed me to grow and move forward in my life. For anyone in a similar situation, make a decision, take the leap and grow in whichever direction you wish to take.