Jordi Martin Shares New Single ‘Breathe’

Dutch singer and songwriter Jordi Martin has just shared his brand new single Breathe, a hopeful song meant to lift up one's spirits.

I am really enjoying the tone of his vocals - especially the raspy touch -  and how they effortlessly convey the emotion of his relatable storytelling. Breathe was written after Jordi was involved in a car crash which got him to focus on the things that he cared about the most. With this song Jordi aims to share a message of hope to lift people's spirits in this crazy pandemic world we're living in. This relatable message is wrapped around a warm pop production packed with emotive piano chords beautifully intertwined with lush guitar plucks and catchy percussion. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Jordi Martin said,

Breathe is a hopeful song that I wrote after crashing my car on one of the main roads in the Netherlands. Friends and family came rushing in to check if I was okay, and I felt it was time to get my shit together and focus on the things I care about. When I sing this song it brings me back to myself, and I hope it'll do to the listener as well!