Hollie Shearer Shares New Single ‘Unlucky In Love’

British singer and songwriter Hollie Shearer has just shared her brand new single Unlucky In Love, a relatable piece of music that sounds like an anthem for those that unfortunately haven't been lucky in love, myself included.

Co-written and produced by Duncan Brookfield, Unlucky In Love is an effortless storytelling based on Hollie's own bad experiences from past relationships. I really like Hollie Shearer's lovely vocals and how they beautifully capture the listener's attention to her honest storytelling. It sucks seeing everybody around you getting married and you feel the pressure to be dating or married at a certain age, then you start to wonder what's wrong with you, and I feel Hollie perfectly captures those feelings. Unlucky In Love is wrapped around infectious melodies packed with cool guitar plucks and steady percussion that create quite a warm, country-tinged atmosphere. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Hollie Shearer said,

Unlucky In Love is based on bad experiences from past relationships and feeling like you will never find “the one”. The idea came around from countless conversations with friends, family and even strangers who all said they just couldn't seem to get it right with love! I’ve learnt there is a hidden pressure in today’s society that we feel we ought to be dating and even be married at a certain age, which in time can leave you feeling not good enough and simply ‘unlucky in love’.