Hayden Everett Shares New Single ‘Kennecot’

American singer and songwriter Hayden Everett has just shared his brand new single Kennecot, a lush folk-tinged piece of indie-pop music.

I am really enjoying the warm and intimate atmosphere of the production and how his smooth vocals flow effortlessly over the infectious melodies. Kennecot tells the story of a now abandoned Alaskan mining town from the early 1900’s. The song is written from the perspective of the town, as a letter to those who failed to appreciate and protect its beauty. 

I am particularly fond of the emotive piano chords which are beautifully intertwined with intricate acoustic guitar riffs, steady percussion and touches of electric guitar that combined create a warm atmosphere perfect for a laid-back day at home.

Accompanying the release is a striking music video, directed by Ben Weiland (director and DP on "Under An Arctic Sky," "UNNUR," "The Cradle of Storms"), and shot in the Cascade mountains. Check it out below!