Garrett Kato Shares New Single ‘Be’

Canadian-born, Australia-based singer, songwriter and producer Garrett Kato has just shared his gorgeous new single Be, his first new single following the release of his album hemispheres last year. 

Be was written produced, and mixed by Garrett at his home studio in Byron Bay and was created at a time when the world had just begun to feel the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. The song shines a light on the mental health issues that this pandemic is having on many people and shares a positive message of love and hope. When times are tough, it's the moments we have with the ones we love that makes things better. This relatable song is wrapped around a polished production with intricate guitar melodies intertwined with emotive piano chords and an infectious beat that create a warm atmosphere for Garrett's lush vocals to soar. 

Accompanying the song, Garrett Kato shares its official music video, directed by Mos and Co, which shows Garrett spending great moments with his family. Check it out below! 

Speaking about the song, Garrett Kato said,

This was one of the fastest songs I have ever written and produced. The vision was so clear to me it seemed I woke up and found it on my hard drive the next day. When I wrote the song, the world was changing so rapidly, it was hard to not have a level of anxiety and stress daily. It wasn’t until my six-year-old daughter asked why I was so sad and said I shouldn’t be, because it’s a beautiful day and we are going to play. It was like she pulled me out of this dark maze into a space of calm and tranquillity.