Foley Share New Single ‘Better Than Love’

New Zealand-based pop duo Foley, consisting of Ash Wallace and Gabriel Everett, have just shared their brand new single Better Than Love, the final single from their upcoming EP, Vacation, due out on March 15th.

I am loving those lush, honeyed vocals that instantly drew my attention to their beautifully-written storytelling and production. Better Than Love is a song about the prospect of love versus the reality of love, focusing on how we tend to close off our emotions in order to protect from future heartbreak. When love is so built up to us as extravagant, dramatic and awe consuming, how can it ever live up to our expectations? I've got to say that I am quite in love with the idea of love but when things get real I tend to shut down and Foley flawlessly capture those feelings in this song.

Better Than Love is a soulful piece of pop music on which Ash Wallace's gorgeous vocals flow beautifully over mellow pop grooves and an overall warm and intimate production perfect for a laid-back and introspective day at home. Check it out below!