Dylan Dunlap Unveils New Single ‘Soldier On’

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Dylan Dunlap has just shared his brand new single Soldier On, a stunning indie-folk/pop song about struggling with anxiety and pushing through it.

I am loving Dylan's passionate vocal delivery which is packed with raw, honest emotion and instantly connects the listener to his relatable storytelling. Soldier On was inspired by last year's lockdown and shows how he managed to overcome his anxiety, sharing a message of strength by doing more than just living to survive. I am someone that has several inner battles with myself and sometimes that little voice inside my head wins and stops me from living my life to the fullest.

Dylan's message is wrapped around a mesmerising indie-folk/pop production packed with intricate acoustic guitar and ukulele (if not mistaken) riffs effortlessly interwined with emotive piano chords, lush horns, soaring electric guitar and punchy percussion that culminate in a larger-than-life bridge and chorus. I am loving the energy and passion in this song and I think you will enjoy it too. Check it out below!