Dara Jane Shares New Single ‘Never Say Goodbye’

New York City-based singer and songwriter Dara Jane has just shared her brand new single Never Say Goodbye, a heartfelt piece of indie-folk music.

One of the things I like about this song is its raw, live recording that beautifully enhances the emotion of her heartfelt storytelling. Never Say Goodbye was written about her grandfather who fell into a coma as her way to say she loves him by reminiscing about the good memories they shared together.

Her lovely vocals infuse the song with a memorable touch of emotion and vulnerability which is wrapped around a captivating acoustic guitar-based melody that ties everything together into a warm and intimate piece of music. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Dara Jane said, 

I wrote "Never Say Goodbye" the day I found out my grandpa fell into a coma. I wrote the song to tell a story of the good memories we shared together and all the things I wish I can do now. I wish I can stop time in spite of the pandemic and easily fly from the U.S. to the Philippines to see him again. While filled with questions and uncertainty, I still reminisce with hope. I wish to tell my grandpa that I love him and that we never have to say goodbye.