Chris Short Shares New Single ‘Consumed’

Irish singer and songwriter Chris Short has just shared his brand new single Consumed, the latest single to be taken from his upcoming EP, Somewhere, set to arrive in May 2021 via Beardfire Music.

Consumed is a song about loss and how it's human nature to dwell, so that we learn a lesson. This song continues to showcase Chris Short's songwriting skills which are brought to life through his lovely vocals and cascading indie-folk sensibilities. I am particularly fond of the guitar riffs which are nicely intertwined with punchy percussion, creating a warm atmosphere perfect for his storytelling to soar. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Chris Short said,

For me the song was born from a very early relationship, we were mad about each other, but we were just kids and didn't really realise what we had. As we grew up, we drifted apart and started moving in different circles, but she was always close in my mind. After many years, we met again and decided to give things another go but, just as before, we drifted apart. For a long time I was very much ‘consumed’ with it and yet it was really nothing, it never became anything, so how could I be grieving something that wasn't anything? It was all in my head and it highlights the power of the mind, but also the vulnerability of the mind.