Anie Delgado Drops Inspiring Music Video For ‘Dancing While The World Is On Fire’

American pop artist Anie Delgado has just shared the official music video for her inspiring new single Dancing While The World Is On Fire, a lively, optimistic anthem promoting unity and togetherness. 

I am really enjoying her sweet, silky vocals and how they soar beautifully over the warm and atmospheric production. Dancing While The World Is On Fire encourages listeners to find the enjoyable moments of humanity that are worth remembering.

Speaking about the song, Anie Delgado said,

This last year has been really difficult for just about everyone. I was really inspired to see moments of unity and glimmers of humanity as we worked together to solve big issues like COVID, racial injustice, and climate change.

In keeping with the single’s theme around climate change, Delgado has teamed up with Zero Hour, an organization bringing awareness to climate and environmental justice.

Delgado recruited Zero Hour and environmental activists like Jamie Margolin, Zanagee Artis, and Shane Coopersmith to help spread awareness to her fellow generation to aid in the mission of educating the world about climate change. Check out the Brandon Buczek-directed music video below!