Allexa Bash Shares Debut Single ‘Spin Of The Moment’

Dubai-based, Ukrainian singer and songwriter Allexa Bash makes her official musical debut with the release of her first single Spin Of The Moment, a captivating song about soul and identity.

The highly trained musician mixes insightful songwriting with a sweeping, emotional melody to create a brilliant debut release. Spin Of The Moment is a song about life's journey and finding one's truth and is wrapped around a soulful, pop production on which her rich vocals soar. I am particularly fond of the haunting piano chords which enhance the emotion of her storytelling. The song has a mysterious and dreamy atmosphere that sounds perfect for an introspective, laid-back day at home. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Allexa Bash said,

It's a song that makes people question themself. It makes them go through the looking-glass world of their soul and ask who you are, what is your destination, what is special about you, what is your darkness, what is your light. “Spin of the moment” is the beginning of everyone’s story, it’s about looking into the mirror of your soul.