Alex Frew Shares New Single ‘9 Feet Tall’

Canadian singer and songwriter Alex Frew has just shared his brand new single 9 Feet Tall, the latest single to be lifted from his debut EP, Cobalt, out now via Warner Music Canada!

9 Feet Tall is an upbeat piece of electro-pop music on which Alex Frew beautifully showcases his songwriting and vocal abilities. I am really enjoying his passionate vocal delivery, especially when he hits those high notes, enhancing the emotion of his relatable message. The song is wrapped around an infectious electro-pop production packed with cool guitar riffs and a killer beat that gives it somewhat of an euphoric and anthemic atmosphere. Check it out below!


Speaking about the EP, Alex Frew said,

I want people to feel a little bit bigger than themselves while listening to the project. I’ve always gravitated towards songs that made me feel boundless, and I sincerely hope that this collection can convey those emotions. Cobalt is the colour I associate to all of emotions and the entire sonic palette of the EP. Dealing with introversion, depression, substance abuse, and search for romance. The colour Cobalt represents the moody, blue emotion that inspired the creation of this project, and has stuck with me for the past several years.