Tiz McNamara Shares New Single ‘Rush Love’

Irish singer, songwriter and drummer Tiz McNamara has just shared his brand new single Rush Love, the final single to be lifted from his upcoming sophomore EP, Miami Night Sky, set to arrive in March.

I am a fan of Tiz McNamara's smooth yet expressive vocals and how they glide effortlessly over the captivating production. Rush Love is a beautiful song about falling in love with someone and opening up your heart to that person that unfortunately didn't feel the same. Once again Tiz delivers a relatable song wrapped around a chilled out production that allows the listener to fully focus on his gorgeous vocal delivery and storytelling. Apart from his vocals I am particularly fond of the steady percussion and stunning guitar works throughout the song. This is definitely one of those songs chill I'd play while at home on a cold rainy day. Check it out below!