Qwiet Type Unveils New Single ‘Colors In My Dreams’

American singer, songwriter and producer Qwiet Type is back with a gorgeous new single titled Colors In My Dreams and I think you guys are going to love it!

Qwiet Type has a knack for creating infectious music and Colors In My Dreams is a highly addictive piece of electro-pop music with a hook that got stuck to my head right after the very first listen. The song effortlessly blends indie, funk, new wave and electronica elements with a modern take and pop sensibilities that make it an earworm of a song. 

I am particularly fond of the bright synths and how the song has an overall feel-good atmosphere that reminds me of nights out with friends. Colors In My Dreams is a retro-tinged piece of electronic music with smooth vocals, pulsing beat and bright synths that is guaranteed to brighten up your day and get you dancing (and singing along) in no time. Check it out below!