Pri & Padre Tóxico Share New Single ‘Self Luv’

Polish producer Padre Tóxico has teamed up once again with singer Pri to deliver a gorgeous piece of music titled Self Luv.

Self Luv is a captivating blend of R&B, Jazz, Funk, Soul and Pop elements that sounds extremely fresh and easy on the ears. I am loving Pri's smooth, soulful vocals and how they effortlessly convey the emotion of their relatable storytelling.

I am really enjoying the piano chords and how they are beautifully intertwined with groovy guitar riffs, subtle horns and steady percussion, creating a warm and intimate atmosphere for Pri's vocals to soar. The song gives me chill, feel-good vibes, reminding me of those laid-back summer days by the beach. Self Luv is a feel-good anthem wrapped around a warm production with lush vocals, and soothing melodies perfect for a relaxing day at home. Check it out below!