Paragon Shares New Single ‘Save Me Now’ ft. Eileen Jaime

Paragon, the moniker of French DJ/Producer Guillaume Lujan, has just unveiled his brand new single Save Me Now, an uplifting piece of Melodic Techno & House music featuring the dreamy vocals of singer-songwriter Eileen Jaime.

Save Me Now is the vocal edit of Paragon's gorgeous single Focus which he released last year and I've got to say that the vocals really give it an extra special touch. I am loving the way Eileen Jaime's ethereal-like vocals soar over the infectious electronic production packed with lush synths and tons of rhythms that will get you dancing in no time. Save Me Now has an infectious feel-good and positive atmosphere that makes it perfect to be played when you want to unwind after a stressful day and just forget about all the problems. All I want to do is close my eyes and just surrender to its hypnotic beat and dreamy vocals. 

Accompanying the release is a gorgeous music video, directed by Sacha Bitton, which you can check out below!


Speaking about the song, Paragon said,

This track has been an amazing way to cope with all the stuff that happening right now in our world. This is a message to all of us, telling us that we should of course care for each other but never forget that we are our own best way to be saved. The best way to be saved is to save yourself. This track is all about how we can always look for external things in order to save us from our current situation, but in the end, it's always inside ourselves that we found peace and mind and happiness.