One Way Out Unveil New Single ‘Black Lungs (and a Broken Heart)’

Time to rock! Washington DC's 5-piece rock band One Way Out kick off their new year with the release of a highly energetic piece of music titled Black Lungs (and a Broken Heart).

As soon as I heard those soaring guitar riffs I knew I was in for a treat and I just had to share this song with you guys. If you're into rock music with lots of attitude and grit, then you'll love Black Lungs (and a Broken Heart). The song tells the story of the “Freedom Man”, a character first appearing in the song by the same name off of One Way Out’s debut “Cosmic Beat”. It tells of the character coming to Earth in search of love, and spawning “mass euphoria and large groups gathered to listen to live music” -- a timely message when the COVID-19 pandemic has prevented just that.

I am really enjoying Josh Gaba's passionate vocal delivery and how it soars effortlessly over the energetic production that has just enough grit to please early 70s psychedelic rock fans, while still hooking in the listener with a chorus that sticks around. There's also a touch of blues-rock that makes the song stand out even more and those guitars are definitely my favourite element of the song. f you're looking for a song to give you that extra boost of energy then Black Lungs (and a Broken Heart) is the one for you. Check it out!

One Way Out is a rock band from Washington D.C. known for their eclectic style; a meld of classic and blues-inspired late 60s/early 70s rock with progressive elements inspired by metal, hard rock and jazz. The band also takes on the aggression of punk emanating from the local DC scene and the philosophies of more modern acts, such as The Murlocs, Oh Sees and Tame Impala.