MoonBee Shares New Single ‘You Are Not A Lonely Planet’

Danish artist MoonBee has just shared her brand new single You Are Not A Lonely Planet, taken from her double-debut EP, Come Move In Another Dimension - Part I & II, out now.

The EP shows two sides of the same song and this is the version of Part 1 that has a more atmospheric/kaleidoscopic vibe to it. I am really enjoying the chill vibe of this song and how dreamy it sounds. MoonBee's smooth, ethereal-like vocal delivery soars beautifully over the infectious production that effortlessly blends elements of music from several decades from the 60s to the 90s. I am particularly fond of the lush bass, atmospheric 80s synths, groovy guitar riffs and futuristic elements that create quite a mesmerising and dreamy atmosphere. Definitely an enthralling listening experience which you can check out below! I will also be adding the strings version of the same song so you can pick your fave (I love them both).