Mema Wilda Share New Single ‘How I Long’

New Zealand-based singer and songwriter Mema Wilda has just shared her brand new single How I Long, a captivating indie-pop song.

I am really enjoying the tone of her vocals and how they are effortlessly convey the emotion of her emotional lyrics. Mema's goal with the song was for it to connect with it and draw their own ideas of what it's about. I am very fond of he emotive piano chords, soulful drum grooves and beautiful, striking melodies that create quite a warm and emotional atmosphere on which her lovely vocals and storytelling soar. Have a listen to this lovely song below!

Speaking about the track, Mema Wilda said,

I’d like ‘How I Long’ to be genuinely felt universally and not be given a particular direction from my own personal experience. Anyone who hears the track will have their own ideas of what it’s about and what it means to them.