Luke Potter Shares New Single ‘What If I’

British musician, singer and songwriter Luke Potter returns with a brand new single titled What If I, his first release of the year out now via LMG|OUTFLY.

As always, Luke Potter delivers a heartfelt piece of pop music with his emotive vocal delivery taking centre stage. Co-written with his good friends Marcus Lindberg and Hjalmar Wilen, What If I is a gorgeous song about the end of a long-term relationship and knowing you broke someone's heart. The vocal delivery, packed with raw emotion was recorded just hours after Luke ended a long-term relationship and it perfectly captures the feelings he was going through when it ended. I am loving his vocal delivery and how easily he makes us feel each and every single word he is singing. 

The emotion of his storytelling is enhanced by a warm and intimate piano-based production that sets the perfect atmosphere for his vocals to soar. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Luke Potter said,

It may be uncomfortable to put out a song that shows raw emotion that you felt a few years ago, especially when you’ve moved on. But everyone is in a different place in his or her lives and this song couldn’t have been more real. The vocal was recorded moments after finishing a relationship that was supposed to have had a ‘happy ever after’ ending. All the feelings were true.

This is how it sounds when you know you’ve broken someone’s heart.